We L O V E what we do!

With a passion for celebrating life’s greatest loves– our babies, the goal of MEG Original is to create products that parents will love just as much as their babies; Products that are the perfect blend of style and functionality! MEG is derived from our inspiration, the names of our little girls– Molly, Emma and Gracie. Having small children is a big part of what makes MEG Original products so great– they have all been “life tested” many times over so we know what does and doesn't work. We only sell products we enjoy using with our own little ones. As any on-the-go mom knows the blankets are dragged all over, the burp cloths are used for not just baby spit-up, but toddler juice spills & more.  We use our items daily and then throw them all in the wash and they come out soft and fluffy. The colorful patterns work beautifully to disguise the spit-up discolorations that most baby items eventually acquire. As parents, it is so satisfying to create items that achieve the balance of being durable enough for the reality of child-rearing, but delicate enough to truly embrace the sweetness of the babies we adore so much! A great deal of thought has gone into the design, the quality materials, the production, and the gift packaging of each item we are proud to put our name on. We love to hear from you– feel free to let us know your ideas, questions or comments anytime! Please reach out to us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below for wholesale information or to locate a retail boutique carrying MEG products near you!

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